Noise Measurement

Noise and heat measurements are carried out using our own equipment. This equipment is designed specifically for the testing of equipment such as sound moderators and is to the highest standards currently available.  Regular calibration as per manufacturers recommendations is carried out to ensure consistent results.

Noise measurement:
Our noise measurement procedure was adopted through close liaison with the UK Forestry Commission and the Health & Safety Laboratory responsible for the noise testing of sound moderators for use by Forestry Commission personnel. The Health & Safety Laboratory in question is one of the worlds leading providers of health and safety solutions to industry, government and professional bodies. The main focus of their work is understanding and reducing health and safety risks. They offer research, expert advice, consultancy, specialist training, and products specifically for health and safety issues and have been developing health and safety solutions for over 100 years. HSL employs over 350 scientific, medical and technical specialists, who help make working environments and working lives safer in the UK, in Europe, and around the world.

The test standard is actually based on a military specification method which has been adapted for Forestry Commission purposes by the incorporation of additional test positions (e.g. a position to simulate an accompanied stalker and also a stalker’s dog). This test method is now generally accepted as the industry standard.

We use a Bruel & Kjær Sound Level Meter Type 2250 Light in conjunction with a high pressure 1/4″ microphone. This equipment is specially designed for the measurement of firearm noise. It is a class 1 measurement unit that meets all relevant national and international standards. It is equipped with software to provide simultaneous measurement of multiple parameters and frequency analysis from <20dB to >170 dB(A). Data can be transferred to a PC for post measurement analysis via a USB connection.

We are able to perform firearm noise testing for customers at either our, or the customer’s, location and offer this service to State Forestry Departments, Firearms Licensing Authorities, Deer Management Groups, Shooting Ranges etc. This gives interested parties the ability to receive accurate data for risk analysis purposes.

All our R&D tests are carried out in a consistent and repeatable set up and, as far as is practicably possible, under the same conditions. The only variables outside our control are provided by the weather. We are proud of the efforts we go to to ensure our test results are as accurate and consistent as possible.

Measurement Results:
All rifles tested with calibre specific Delta series sound moderators comply with the European Directive 2003/10/EC (140 Pa or 137 dB(C)).

Heat Measurement:
We measure heat using an infrared thermometer manufactured by Testo. The Testo 830-T4 has a measurement capability from -30° to +400°C with a repeatable tolerance of ±1.0°C.

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