Hallo Mr. Lincoln,SD ist da und schießt sich hervorragend ruhig und rückstoßarm! Macht Spaß, damit Rehe zu erlegen!
Die Extralamelle hatte keine Auswirkung auf die Treffpunktlage
Herzlichen Dank!
Gruß, Michael W – Forst-Brandenbürg
Hallo Herr Lincoln,ich habe jetzt drei Stück Schalenwild mit Schalldämpfer geschossen, es ist super!!! Ich möchte darauf nicht mehr verzichten!Ich werde Ihnen im Herbst meinen .30-06 Repetierer  schicken, damit ich hierfür auch einen Schalldämpfer nutzen kann.Viele Grüße aus Potsdam! * *
Ministerium für Infrastruktur und Landwirtschaft
des Landes Brandenburg (MIL)
I have never owned or shot a more accurate rifle and i’ve been using custom hunting rifles for 20 years. A rifle in this class is definately worth waiting for. Keep up the good work. David.
Und ob ich da froh bin ! jetzt schießt sie richtig Klasse. Zuletzt auf 650m erfolgreich getestet. Liebe Grüße F.
Pete, you’ll remember building my hunting rifle based on my tired old Remington 700. ( Ranger in .308win -LW Light Varmint Barrel-HS stock and TiAIN coated)
I’ve been shooting this rifle now for 4 1/2 years since you did your magic.
I’ve shot somewhere about 5500rds + through it since, many in the field and many more on the range. I’ve taken hundreds of game animals on 3 Continents.
The rifle has never missed a beat, it still shoots all my pet match and hunting loads into under 1/2 MOA with the best loads achieving a constant sub 1/4 MOA
(when i do my part right that is) I’m not sure how many more rounds i’ll wring out of the barrel before its accuracy goes, but I will be calling on you to work your magic
again when the time comes.I’d been round most of the top riflesmiths in Europe, and a few in the USA before comming to you Pete, actual delivery times ran, and still run at around 36months for a bespoke rifle and that seems pretty much industry standard. You turned mine around in 4 months ( your popularity was just about to explode at the time, so i’m so glad that i beat the rush) But I wouldn’t care if I had had to wait 10 times that length. I see you occasionaly get a ribbing for your delivery times, I guess I was one of the lucky ones who chose what you had on shelf and followed your good advice. They say that every hunter has a “once in a lifetime hunting dog”, and i believe that, having waited 36 years and owning a dozen dogs before finding one that truely suited me.  I would say that Roedale Precísion Rifles produce “once in a lifetime hunting rifles” and from what ive seen and heared, you produce them time and time and time again. I also waited 36 years ( + 4 months) to finaly own a rifle that was right, during that time I owned and sold more than a dozen rifles, mostly factory, come custom. The rifle you built for me will never be sold. Its a keeper and i love it. THANKYOU . now get me a new barrel ordered before I have shot this one out !! all the best.Andrew.2014 – The rifle now with the new barrel attached shoots just as well,  see you in another 7000 rds!! all the best. Andrew
Thankyou Pete – very much value your kindness and help. Let me know if ever I can be of help to you. Warm regards John ( Lt Col. Royal Marines)
„Hey Pete (und Roedale-Team),ich bin endlich dazu gekommen, meine neue Howa/Roedale Büchse in .223 Rem., die du mir gebaut hast, zu schießen. Auf Anhieb konnte ich 5-Schuss-Streukreise von 12 Millimetern erreichen (52gr HPBT Remington Match)! Wie gesagt, dabei handelt es sich um die ersten Schüsse, die ich jemals mit der Waffe gemacht habe – und zwar mit Fabrikmunition! Jeder, der mir in Zukunft erzählt, eine Präzisionsgarantie für Büchsen zu geben wäre unmöglich, den lache ich aus, nem ihn mit zum Schießstand… und geb ihm danach deine Nummer :-)!Es hat zwar etwas gedauert, bis die Waffe fertig war aber auf eine stinknormale Blaser Büchse von der Stange muss man auch ¼ Jahr und länger warten – und mit den Ergebnissen aus Isny war ich zwar immer ‚zufrieden’ aber noch nie so ‚begeistert’ wie von dem, was aus deiner Werkstatt gekommen ist!Vielen Dank noch mal – die nächste Büchse ist schon in Planung ;-)!Gruß und Waidmannsheil
Hallo Pete,Meine Roedale schießt inzwischen 4-5 mm Streukreise reproduzierbar, ich bin auf einem
guten Weg.Rudolf.  Deutschland
Dear Peter and your very capable staff I received the bipod RH50 MKII and if the service and the quality of the product is indication of the business you run then I wish you a long and successful endeavour.
I was happy with your service and the product is excellent. I have used it on my Steyr Elite 223 and Unique Alpine TPG 1 308 with precision accuracy.
Again thank you and I will watch your website for your other products as they evolve and develop, I really admire your custom tactical rifles and follow these developments with interest.P.S. the criticism of you and your company on some shooting subject blogs was unfair and petty. The fact you had to defend yourself and your business’s reputation was also necessary but given a level playing field these wingers would be found wanting if this was not an anonymous medium provided to fire the shots, so as to speak.
I do a lot of purchasing on line so have some idea of what is good service and what is bad.Again thank you
Check this out:, have been shooting it now for almost 3/4 of year now and it is the best rifle I’ve ever shot.
I will be ordering more stuff from you!Randy. NL  about his Roedale RB07
Hallo Pete,wie angekündigt meine Mail zu den Ergebnisse Deiner Arbeit. Ich bin begeistert! Meine Schützenbrüder sind neidisch. Was lange währt wird endlich gut!
Der Zeitraum bis zur Lieferung war tatsächlich sehr lange. Aber Du hattest recht. Super Verarbeitung, der Abzug ist ein Traum, der Schloßgang präzise und die Gesamtoptik ist hervorragend. Nach ein paar Probeschüssen in unserer 100 m Raumschießanlage habe ich die geforderten 15 Schuß für unsere Vereinsmeisterschaft zügig geschossen. Die Ergebnisse (siehe Anlage) sind beeindruckend. Die 15 mm Garantie sind locker zu knacken. Nach der endgültigen Munitionsauswahl werden die 10 mm stabil zu erreichen sein.
Über die 300 m Ergebnisse werde ich Dich auch informieren.
Danke für Deinen tollen Job!Rudi
Pete I hated waiting so long for the rifle build to be completed ( damn the US export regulations !! )  The end result far exceeds my expectations and the waiting was more than worth it. Sorry for getting on your nerves and asking so many questions and thankyou for bieng patient with my change requests and my temper. You performed your job without flapping and the end result is fantastic.. THANKYOU.   Brian


This rifle is indestructable, I slipped whilst hunting in the mountains and ended up sliding rapidly down a steep gradient covered in shale, I went head over heels at least twice and snapped the sling. By the time I came to a hault I was battered, bruised and bleeding and I thought my rifle and scope where wrecked, which was bad, I was in Bear country with only a hunting knife as back up.  To my amazement, apart from some dings and scratches in the stock and some scuffs on the scope,  the rifle appeared to be in one piece. When I checked zero I was expecting it to be way off, again to my amazement it was spot on. The next day I encountered a Griz, luckily I managed to scare him off with a couple of shots into the ground. If he’d have charged it would have been me and the rifle or him and I know he’d have lost the battle.The toughness of this rifle surely saved my life and it shoots sub 1/2 MOA groups with any quality hunting ammo I feed it. I will never sell this rifle and my wife has instructions to bury it with me !!  It took you 38months to build and the end result was worth every minute of waiting. I am so glad I came to you to build my rifle for my lifetime. Thankyou Sir !! Tony


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