Roedale Sound Moderators

Roedale Precision is Germany’s leading sound moderator manufacturer. Our designs are based on years of experience in the employment of noise suppression techniques on sporting and military firearms, combined with sound engineering principals and technical innovation. In addition we have an extensive knowledge of health and safety legislation and protocols that deal with the dangers of excessive firearm noise.

Peter Lincoln designed and manufactured his first sound moderator in 1980. Extensive research and development has followed since, including diploma study work in conjunction with one of Europe’s leading technical universities. Since 2004 we’ve been busy comprehensively field-testing different types of moderator  on the test range as well as whilst hunting all types of European game. In 2009 we started series production of our own design sound moderators in Germany. Based on this unique experience and knowledge, Delta Xtrem sound moderators have been developed for use on semi automatic weapons. Delta Ultralight and Delta Pro X sound moderators are specifically developed for sporting – hunting and precision rifle purposes, which has led to their adoption by many German state forestry departments.

Why a Roedale Sound Moderator?

When purchasing a Roedale sound moderator you recieve a first class product that has been manufactured to the highest standards. “Made in Germany” is recognised as a seal of quality, with innovative design,  the best materials, excellent manufacturing processes and a first class finish.

Due to the modular design, each part of a Roedale moderator is replacable and available as an accessory. (Not the Xtrem series, which are a sealed unit) It is possible to switch calibers or bore size and adapt the moderator for higher or lower intensity catridges. You can switch thread types and replace worn or damaged parts.  Spares are readily available and this ensures you get the maximum performance and working life span. A Roedale moderator is lighter, robuster and offers increased performance as well as far more options in comparison to other available moderators.

Nearly all the Roedale staff are active hunters and shooters with years of experience in the practical use of sound moderators, we demand the best performance and value for money and we offer the same to you. We use what we manufacture, that is a recomendation in its self. We are absolutely passionate about producing excellent sound moderators and providing information on the dangers of firearm noise, the advantages of sound moderation and every aspect of this highly interesting and controversial subject. We provide more additional in depth information and support than any other manufacturer, we feel this is apparent on our website.

Roedale sound moderators are the moderator of choice for the German Forestry Service.

Before you read the following pages about Roedale sound moderators there are some things that should be understood:

  • Each and every time you discharge a firearm more powerful than a .22LR, you damage your hearing unless adequate protection is employed.
  • Firearm noise is detrimental to your health, and ensuring you have a long, happy, and SAFE shooting life is our fundamental concern.

In the following pages you will find useful information about our sound moderators, hearing damage and the law regarding noise, along with many practical tips.  Should you have any technical questions that are not covered in the following pages, or if you wish to place an order, please contact us at the following:


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