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Delta Pro X

Delta Pro XDelta Pro XDescription:

Roedale Delta Pro X sound moderators are a further development to the Ultralight and Delta Pro moderators. The Pro X is a “ Back over Barrel” or “Relfex/Telescopic” type moderator, in that the rear expansion chamber is set back over the barrel and contained within an over barrel tube. The rear end of the moderator is fitted with a Delrin bush with a 16mm bore, making it suitable for most hunting rifle barrels. For barrels larger in diameter than 16mm this bush is easily machined to fit.

The moderator can take barrels up to Ø 22.75mm. Having a back over barrel expansion chamber enables the length in front of the rifle muzzle to be kept to a minimum. The Roedale Delta Pro X uses Ø44.5mm baffles and is modular in design. The standard Pro X comes fitted with 4 baffles which provide excellent noise reduction up to .308Win.  For sensitive, already damaged ears, or for users requiring maximum sound reduction, it is possible thanks to the modular design, to add additional baffles to the basic unit. We manufacture 2 types of baffle for the Pro X; S type (standard: length 20mm – weight 34g) and K type (short: length 10mm – weight 27g). It is possible to fit a combination of baffles together to form a baffle stack.
As with the Delta Ultralight, all parts are manufactured from the highest quality materials on CNC machines. Each part is then subjected to a high tech hardening and coating process. Each part is hardened and coated to Mil-Spec type III. The surface hardness is between 400 and 500HV0,025.


  • Modular back over barrel design
  • Compact size
  • Low weight
  • Ergonomic
  • Caliber specific
  • Excellent performance
  • Safety through simple calibre recognition
  • Excellent value for money

Delta Pro X Sound moderators offer an excellent combination of sound reduction, muzzle flash elimination and reduction in felt recoil. All that combined in a relatively light and compact package with an attractive price tag. Once again an excellent example of the science and technology of firearm noise reduction. Light, robust and efficient.

 Delta Pro X- Data:

Model  Calibre Weight Baffles Length Rifle Extension Noise Reduktion
PX-K4 .222 –
appr. 320g 4 K Typ 196mm 95mm 18-25dB
PX-K5 .222 –
appr. 345g 5 K Typ 206mm 105mm 18-26dB
PX-K6 .222 –
appr. 370g 6 K Typ 216mm 115mm 18-27dB
PX-S4 .222 –
appr. 340g 4 S Typ 228mm 127mm 18-29dB
PX-S5 .222 –
appr. 370g 5 S Typ 250mm 149mm 18-32dB
PX-S6 .222 –
appr. 400 g 6 S Typ 272mm 171mm 18-32dB
PX-S7 .222 –
appr. 430g 7 S Typ 217mm 202mm 18-32dB
PX-S8 .222 –
appr. 460g 8 S Typ 237mm 222mm 18-32dB
Standard Thread Types 1/2″x20 UNF, 1/2×28 UNEF, M14x1, M15x1, M15x1 Spigoted, 5/8×18, 5/8×24, M17x1, M18x1, M22x1.5 for mounting to Deltabrake
Special Thread Types
M13x1,M14x1 Spigoted, M16x1, M17x1 Spigoted, lefthand threads
Diameter ∅ 44,5mm Manufactured in Germany


Pro X Magnum

Delta Pro X Magnum sound moderators are a further development of the Delta Pro X moderator. A lengthened blast chamber and additional baffles increase the internal volume of the moderator to cope with magnum type calibres and give improved sound reduction capability.

Intended Usage:
For use on hunting rifles in magnum calibres as hearing protection and for the prevention of noise pollution.

The Delta Pro X is highly recommended for hunting and sporting use where noise reduction is considered more important than saving every gram or ounce. It offers excellent performance at a fair price.

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