Our business is comprised of 3 distinct areas:

Roedale Precision Rifles  

Roedale Precision Manufacturing

Roedale Precision Jagd & Schießsport  

Roedale Precision
Due to a toxic mold problem that followed heating system water damage in our shop in Hasbergen we have changed locations at short notice. We appologise for the delays in email reply and shipping of some orders during our move. We are working hard to get the situation back to normal just as soon as is humanly possible. Our new address will be made available as soon as we are fully operational at the new location.
Thankyou for your understanding. – Teal Roedale


Our prefered method of contact is email. If you send us your general enquirise per email it gives us the opertunity to prepare information for you before calling you on the phone, this saves time and is efficient.

We are a small and dedicated team offering the highest quality. Due to the high demand for our products and to enable us to get on with the task of processing orders and machining without constant interuption, we offer telephone support from Monday to Thursday 09.00 to 13.00 hrs.  Please note that our answering machine does not take messages and the phone system doesn’t give an engaged tone when all phones are in use. If you can’t get us on the phone, please send an email or call back later.

 Sound Moderators 
Technical enquiries about sound moderators, noise and sound moderator orders: – or per Tel: +49-5456-9349259

 Webshop – Accessories
For questions about webshop products and orders please contact: – or per Tel: +49-5456-9349259

Invoices – Export-Shipping & General Enquiries
For questions about invoices, webshop orders and general enquiries please contact: – or per Tel: +49-5456-9349259

Custom Rifle Manufacture
We are very busy and or telephone is very busy. Enquiries about alle aspects of custom rifles are usually very detailed and are far better dealt with by email. Pete deals with every Custom rifle enquiry personally and it will save us all time when the customer reads our service price list before enquiring. We recieve 35000 Mails und 15000 calls per year and ask for your understanding that due to fairness to all customers we have to manage our time efficiently. Unnessecary, repeated questions about deivery times of Custom Rifles are a nuisance and only slow up the manufacturing process, tying Pete to the office desk when he would rather be in the workshop. We do not have time to provide regular progress reports or make photos of components of part built rifle. If you don’t hear from us you should consider all is well and we are busy. If we need info from you we will contact you. We have however nothing against a polite hello,how’s my build going email every couple of months. Please ensure your name, address, contact number and rifle build number are included in any correspondance. Each customer will be notifide just as soon as the riflen inn question isb ready for shipping or collection. For enquiries to Custom Rifle Manufacture please contact:

Visiation by prior appointment only.

Thankyou for your support:  Your Team Roedale

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