You may be asking yourself why should you use a sound moderator, here are some of the reasons:

  • Reduced possibility of damage to human hearing = The most important reason
  • Reduced possibility of damage to hunting dogs hearing
  • Care and respect for the enviromnet by reducing the amount of noise pollution
  • Reduction of disturbance to wild animals
  • Increased safety through better communications ability in field and range situations by not having to use ear defenders
  • Increased firearm accuracy
  • Reduced recoil
  • Reduced muzzle flash
  • Reduced muzzle blast
  • Because a moderated rifle simply looks cool

Do I need a thread on my barrel to be able to fit a moderator?
Yes, the best way of attaching a sound moderator to a rifle barrel is via a muzzle thread. Clamping and bayonet type attachments generally prove to be sub standard and affect accuracy.

Do I need a permit in order to buy a moderator?
Yes, in Germany permission for a sound moderator must be written into your firearms license before you can purchase one. In some other EU countries sound moderators require no permission to own and in others they are strictly forbidden. You should check on the situation with your local authorities. Airgun moderators require no licensing, but you must be over 18 years of age to own one.

Do you have a discount program for State or Official Forestry Departments?
Yes, Forestry Officials receive a discount on our sound moderator prices.

Do I need to use special ammunition in conjunction with a sound moderator?
No, our sound moderators are designed to be used with normal hunting ammunition. You should, however, ensure that your barrel twist is compatible with your intended ammunition.

Can I use subsonic ammunition in your sound moderators?
Yes, you can use subsonic ammunition, however in many countries there is a minimum energy level ammunition must achieve when used to shoot wild game. Please also note the twist rate in most factory rifle barrels is not suitable for shooting subsonic ammunition.

I am unsure if the twist in my barrel is correct for the ammunition I want to use?
A stable projectile is very important when using a sound moderator. You should have the twist rate checked by a gunsmith. An alternative method is to shoot at a paper target that is only a couple of meters in front of the muzzle. If the holes in the target are anything but perfectly round then your barrel is not stabilising the bullets. You can check with the firearm and ammunition manufacturer for compatibility.

Do I need to re zero my rifle after fitting a moderator?
We recommend you test the rifle after fitting a moderator as there is often a shift in shot placement with and without the moderator fitted.

Can I still use my rifle without the moderator once one has been fitted?
Yes, that is no problem, just please ensure you wear hearing protection and note that the rifle will shoot to a slightly different point of impact with and without the moderator.

Will my zero change once a moderator is fitted?
With the moderator attached, most rifles shoot a slightly different point of impact. This is easy to check and the zero point with and without moderator will be repeatable.

Do your sound moderators work with semi automatic rifles?
Yes, all our sound moderators are capable of being used on hunting type semi-automatic rifles or on semi-automatics used for hunting purposes. Our Delta Xtreme is especially designed for use on AR15, MR308,  etc. type rifles used in high volume competition use.

Can I only use the Delta Xtreme on a semi-automatic hunting rifle, e.g. Browning BAR or Sauer 303 ?
No, our Delta Ultralight and Pro X are also suitable for hunting type semi-automatic rifles.

Which of the semi-automatic hunting rifles that are currently available do you consider the best suited to use with a sound moderator?
Due to the fact that slightly increased pressure is applied to the working mechanism of a semi automatic during use with a sound moderator, we consider using a less finicky or more robust system, such as the Benelli Argo.

Can I shoot .243 Winchester through .308Winchester moderator?
Yes, but you will loose some efficiency due to the bore of the moderator being much larger than the bullet.

Do you deliver to other EU Coutries?
Yes, with the necessary EU transfer paperwork.

Are your moderators calibre specific or can I buy the largest one and use it on everything?
Our moderators are calibre specific, this is for efficiency reasons and achieves far better noise reduction.  If efficiency is less important to you then the moderator will function up to and including the calibre it was designed for.

Do your sound moderators have as serial number?
Yes, these days all our sound moderators are laser engraved with a serial number (except airgun moderators). Previously some authorities wanted the sound moderator to be numbered to an individual rifle, others didn’t want serial numbers at all, so we catered to their individual requirements. Now, however, to help us trace the moderator, and because of legal requirements, all our moderators are numbered.

Does a sound moderator have to be proofed by the proof house?
No, sound moderators are not subjected to proof requirements.

How long will a sound moderator last?
The lifespan of a sound moderator depends entirely upon how it is used and maintained. The good news is that should you burn out a baffle occasionally, it’s a simple task to replace worn parts thanks to our moderator’s modular design. This greatly increases the overall lifespan of the moderator.

Will a sound moderator effect the performance of my ammunition?
You should notice a very slight increase in velocity and very probably an increase in accuracy.

Is it possible to coat a moderator in camoflage?
Yes, it is possible to coat a sound moderator. We often do this with Cerakote.

How should I clean my sound moderator and how often?
We recommend cleaning a sound moderator if it’s become wet or soiled.  During normal use it is sufficient to dry the moderator and squirt a little WD40 inside and then wipe the outside with a some WD40 on a cloth.

Can I store my rifle with the moderator attached?
We recommend you remove the sound moderator from rifle for storage.  Storing with the moderator fitted can promote corrosion of the barrel.

How do I pay for a moderator?
We accept prepayment via bank transfer, credit card or cash.  Dealers and Forestry Departments can have moderators delivered on invoice.

With what type of rifle can I use a sound moderator?
Practically all bolt action, single shot, and semi-automatic hunting rifles that have a suitable muzzle thread.

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