Roedale Custom Rifles

You are in the market for a once in a lifetime rifle and you require absolute pin point accuracy,  dependability and ruggedness combinded with first class ergonomics and balance? You are tired of bieng disappointed with the performance of your current rifle which is possibly costing you a small fortune in time and ammunition chasing groups all over the target. You can’t trust your rifle accuracy because it always has that occasional flyer that hangs in your mind and on your concience when you are out hunting. Your friends at the range always beat your scores and you’d like to beat them just for once. You appreciate traditional workmanship and modern precision machining and you respect experience.
Then you’ve come to the right place.
We manufacture rifles with outstanding accuracy and ruggedness combined with optimal ergonomics and balance. Whether for hunting or for competition: Our rifles are the first choice for accuracy consciouse shooters.
Just like our customers, we are experienced and demanding marksmen. We have gained years of experience in competition, whilst hunting as well as in the line of duty. So we know what a rifle must be capable of and we have the experience as end users as well as manufacturers to ensure that each and every rifle exceeds all expectations.  Our rifles are in use from Scandinavia, through Africa to New Zealand and from Europe, through Canada to South America.  Rifles manufactureed by Roedale are highly rated by Hunters, Competition Shooters and professional users as well as bieng well know to the shooting and sporting press. Contented customers can confirm exceptional accuracy with factory ammunition as well as thier own hand loads.

Precision rifle manufacture is an art that not every gunsmith achieves. We are masters of this art and we garantie first class precision and quality.  These high standards do however take time to manufacture, so we cannot garantie you a delivery time, What we can guarantee is that the end product is definately worth the wait.

Our Custom Rifles are catagorised in to the following:

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