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Weapons Legislation

For legal reasons, we would like to draw your attention to a few facts:

Since 1972 German gun laws describe a silencers for firearms as follows: ” mufflers are certain devices that significantly reduce the muzzle blast. “ Under the German Weapons Law mufflers are essential parts of firearms and the firearm on which they are intended assimilated. You have to presupposes personal suitability, reliability, expertise and a need. The possession of silencers is therefore only allowed, if they are registered in a WBK. For the purchase of silencers in Germany a Voreintrag in the WBK is required. Authorizations for the acquisition of a silencer are then issued by the permit authorities usually when a need is made ​​credible. Currently German foresters and professional hunters are granted permits to do so. Unfortunately, applications of German leisure hunters but are regularly rejected. This fact is not understood as the use of a silencer is considered optimal hearing protection for us. That permits for all hunters (inside) is to be issued out of order, since according to the Basic Law in Germany, all people are treated equitably. This applies also and especially for the health sector. The hearing of a non-professional hunter (in) is the same as that of a professional Jagendem worth protecting. The consequences of hearing loss and other hearing damage are equally tragic for professional and non-professional hunters and hunters.

WaffVerwV  8.1.6  A need for the acquisition of sound-absorbing arms with built-in silencer comes only in exceptional cases be considered (eg launch of reserve game in going on proven inevitability of using a silencer).

The inevitability of using a silencer is as follows: 
For health reasons as hearing protection according to the EC Directive 10/2003 article 3, as well as the LärmVibrationsArbSchV (noise and vibration Arbeitsschutzverordnung9 2007 of 6 March 2007 (Federal Law Gazette I p 261), last amended by Article 3 of the Decree of 19 July 2010 (Federal Law Gazette I, p 960) has been modified (see § 6 action values ​​in noise and § 7 Measures to prevent and reduce the noise exposure) and the Sixth General Administrative Instructions for the Federal Pollution Control Act.
The sound pressure level from and including caliber .22 Hornet hoofed-and consuming wild USEFULLY ball weapons exceeds the 137 db (C) trigger value significantly. So a silencer according to the prior art must be attached to the firearm in terms of professional shooting, the sound pressure at source (sound source)  as much as possible  to reduce. This applies to all employees, employees as well as self-employed.
, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior has now “discretionary conduct” informed the weapons authorities of the countries, there is a right to a permit for the possession of a silencer when the requirements are met in accordance with the Noise and Vibration OSH Ordinance.
Entitlement to grant a license for the possession and use of a muffler is for any worker who must shoot work-related. So all professional hunters – Rangers – Gunsmiths – Hunting license instructors – professional shooters – shooting tenant (A shooting tenant initiates hunting company) and independent hunters, a commercial for “the clerk’s office with hunting and trade in selbstgeworbenem game have registered “.

Thus, the situation is clear for everyone: 
Professional hunting / shooting living in Germany citizens may use silencer, and even have to use after LärmVibrationsArbSchV a silencer!
This fact is confirmed by the relevant regulations of the Federal Ministries. The weapons authorities are bound to it, as everyone in Germany (also in Lower Saxony and Bavaria!) The way to legally silencer ownership in Germany: At the moment the situation is in Germany so that changes in motion. Diverse forest authorities and professional hunters have by the above mentioned fact that silencers are inevitable noted. The Interior Ministry has now “the weapons authorities in all provinces discretionary conduct“informed right to be granted a permit for the possession of a silencer exists if the requirements are met in accordance with the Noise and Vibration OSH Ordinance. Various authorities have received and realized that you need to grant permits this information. posited in the above is written down, why authorizations must be granted.

You are someone who has to shoot professionally and to protect their health? Make a request for a permit for a silencer in their authority.
They are recreational hunters and want to protect their health? Make a request for a permit for a silencer in their authority and refer to the Equal Treatment Act.

Sample application can be found here: sample application
, you are welcome to make your authority on our website, and the information obtained here closely. She will grant or refuse a permit either. In case of rejection, we advise to suit.

Free silencer:
. Free silencer for airguns and decorative muffler shall not require authorization Attention  Cutting threads on decorative muffler to mount to a gun barrel, or changing a muffler for airguns, so it can be used for other weapons, is without a required for this weapons manufacturing authorization, a violation of the German Weapons Law.

Silencer in Germany
Federal Hunting Act: The Federal Hunting Act with stand by 06.12.2011. The use of silencers for hunting practice is not explicitly prohibited. Your use when hunting is thus allowed by the Federal Hunting Law.Basically, every hunter can hunt with a silencer in Germany provided this has lawfully. The provincial hunting laws are yet to be observed.

Hunting law: use of silencers when hunting is allowed in the states of Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Pfanz, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein. In the states of Bavaria, Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia are under provincial hunting Legal substantive prohibitions silencer for hunting bans.

Conclusion: The Mehhrzahl the states allowed hunting with silencers and there is competing provisions between Bunbdes and provincial hunting law. This results in an inconsistent legal situation.

Fact: A German hunting license entitles the owner to hunting throughout the Federal Republic. If the hunting law of the primary residence, the hunting with silencer under a Factual ban, it is still allowed the owner of the hunting license goes hunting in other states. Prohibit residence in a state of silencers for hunting was allowed no refusal reason for the approval einmes muffler be if a specific hunting opportunity exists in one of the states without factual ban. Weapons law, the country’s hunting laws are to be considered to be irrelevant. This is confirmed by § 13 Weapon Set.

Silencer in the EU / Schengen area
mufflers are freely acquirable in many European countries, eg Estonia, France, Finland, Norway, Poland.
silencers are available in many European countries subject to approval and permits are issued for noise abatement reasons on request, zBDänemark, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden .
muffler must be approved in some European countries and permits were hard to come by, despite the EU and national noise abatement laws. (Germany, Holland, Austria, Spain, etc.) This situation takes time to positive changes.

Sample request
your authority will approve or reject either a authorization. In case of rejection, we advise to suit.

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