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Our company is based in Hasbergen / Osnabrück-Lower Saxony-Germany

At Roedale Precision our business covers four interlinked areas, what we do is strive to give you the best of the best in the following sectors:

Sound Moderators: We are Germany’s leading specialist manufacturer of firearm sound moderators. All our moderators are compliant with the European Directive 10/2003 Art 3 and the German Health & Safety and Noise Pollution & Emissions Law and provide hearing protection against harmful noise emissions directly at the source. We manufacture Sound Moderators for use on all types of Firearms with our specialty being precision rifle and hunting rifle sound reduction. We have several types of
moderator, the design of which has been optimized through our R&D work the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machinery – University of Applied Science-Osnabrück. We are in close contact with several European Forestry Departments and officials and receive direct feedback from these professionals. We react pro-actively input and we lead the way in this form of hearing protection for shooters, hunters and professional firearm users. The focus of our manufacture is excellent quality, with a highly efficient design that can be adapted to each individual end users requirements. We are honored to count many state forestry personnel amongst our customers. Professional end users respect our product quality, ergonomics and our depth of experience in sound reduction techniques.

Muzzle Threading & Moderator Fitting Service: is our next area of expertise, muzzle threading and moderator fitting & testing service goes hand in hand with moderator manufacture. We are able to equip single individual customers or complete Police and Forestry departments in a short space of time. We offer a door to door service, with punctual collection, threading, re-proof, test zero/accuracy and noise testing. We provide a detailed noise & accuracy protocol and ensure a punctual return to your location.

Precision- Rifle-Accessories and Tuning Parts: Accessories for the Precision Rifle is our third undertaking. Our own designed parts are manufactured right here in Germany. This enables us to keep the quality high and provide you with exclusively manufactured tuning items that your customers or your operators can depend on. Within our portfolio you can find chassis system stocks, night vision interfaces, magazine systems, muzzle brakes and many other accessory items for an ever increasing range of rifle types. We also retail accessories from many other reputable comapnies.

Custom-Made-Precision & Suppressed Rifle Manufacturing:Rifle manufacture is where we started out. Building high quality rifles that usable  a wide variety  situations, are tough enough to withstand the harshest of conditions whilst still retaining outstanding guaranteed accuracy and reliability. We present you with the opportunity to have rifles manufactured to the most stringent tolerances and utmost quality. Rifles that are Robust, Accurate, Ergonomic and Dependable, all built to exacting quality standards, mission specific or adaptable and manufactured to your individual requirements.

Our market is world-wide: We trade within Germany, regularly export throughout the whole of the EU and also throughout the World. So where ever you are, we are here to serve you.

Our Mission Statement: is to provide a friendly and informative customer service and a product of outstanding ingenuity and quality.

Our Team:

Our small, dedicated team strive to provide you with new and innovative products, many of which are designed and manufactured by ourselves or are manufactured locally under sub-contract for Roedale Precision. We continually strive to upgrade and enhance our product through Scientific and practical R&D. We are always involved in new and exciting projects and products. We are leading the way within the Industry and try our very best to give you and your customers or operators the design capability, innovation and quality that you desire and require.

Heike Thomas – Office management.

Heike is responsible for our office management, telephone support as well as helping Scott with the processing, packaging and shipping of orders. She is also resonsible for export and customs matters. Heike is a trained secretary and foreign language correspondant. She has family connections to the British Army and she enjoys a day at the shooting range and fits in well with our team of veterans. If you call us you will most likely get heike on the telephone.

Scott Blaney – Coatings- Product Assembly and Webshop.

Scott is ex British Army (REME A-Mech). He has an excellent knowledge of fireamrs and is a keen hunter. He did 22 years military service as an A-Mech with the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, fighting and repairing his way through just about all the warzones and peace keeping missions in which the British Army where involved.
On completion of his service he worked as a vehicle mechanic for British Garrison in Gütersloh untill we managed to convince him to work for Roedale Precision. Scott is now in his 3rd year of on the job re-training and re badging as an Armourer / Gunsmith.
Scott is responsible for the coating and finishing service, product assembly, customer service and supports the rest of the team in all matters webshop. You will occasionaly get Scott on the phone when you call.

Marvin Lincoln – Webshop Background – Sound Moderator road show events.

Marvin ist Student and works part time for Roedale. Under supervision he built his first custom rifle at the age of 15. He has been successfull on several hunting trips and maybe one day he will take over at the helm.

Peter Lincoln – Master Riflesmith and owner.
Pete Lincoln 

Pete is a Fully Qualified Master Riflesmith with 30 years experience in Firearms Design, Modification and Manufacture. Originally from East Yorkshire-England, Pete has been hunting since he was big enough to carry a gun. Interested in all things mechanical from a very young age. he was often to be found in the fitters workshop of his Fathers haulage business, helping out the mechanics and when no one was looking, building variouse mechanical devices, most of which could be loaded and fired.

In 1986, Pete followed the familiy tradition and joined the British Army. After basic training he embarked on a technical apprenticeship as a REME Armourer. Qualifying as a Class 1 Armourer in 1992. Going on to gain the recognized civilian Engineering Qualifications as a Gun Smith, gaining the German Equivalent of a HND in Engineering and qualifying as a Master Riflesmith. Pete also has EU recognised Health & Safety qualifications.

Pete collected a wealth of experience in firearms repair, modification and manufacture, especially with Precision Sniper Rifles and Sound Moderators as well as becoming an accumplished marksman during his 10 years Military service.

After leaving the Army in 1996. Pete went on to work full time as a Field Engineer with a Defence Contractor for the British MOD. From 1999 to November 2007 he worked full time in the Space Industry for the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt Germany. During 1994 Pete began working part time as a Gunsmith for a major German Sporting Firearms Retailer, an activity which continued until the launch of Roedale Precision as a part time business in 2005.

Never satisfied with the reliability or accuracy of mass produced firearms. Pete started building his own custom rifles based on factory actions. Hunting partners, friends and shop customers began to take note of the accuracy and reliability of his rifles and soon began to ask “ Can you build me a rifle too ?”.

Due to increased demand Pete decided to start a dedicated custom rifle business and Roedale Precision Rifles was launced in 2005. Pete left the Space Race at the end of 2007 and Roedale Precision evolved into a full time business from 2008. Since then Pete’s innovation has seen the development and marketing of one product after the other.  To a keen eys it is possible to see Pete’s innovation in many of the Tactical products available in the firearms industry of today. Since 2009 we’ve been producing our own sound moderators.

We combine traditional Craftsmanship and Precision Engineering with Experience in Health & Safety and Technology from the Defence and Aerospace Industries.

Specializing Sound Moderators, Barrel Threading, Rifle Accessories, Custom and Semi-Custom Built rifles.

Pete Lincoln

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