All Roedale Delta Series moderators are warrantied for the original owner to be free of manufacturing defects for the life of the moderator. Any manufacturing defects will be repaired or the moderator replaced at our discretion at no cost to the customer.
We cannot warranty against damage caused by improper use such as –

  • Improper mounting of the unit, which can result in internal damage and possible risk to the operator. We recommend our moderators are only mounted on barrels threaded by Roedale Precision, by our national representative, or threaded by the barrel/firearm manufacturer and checked for concentricity of the threads to the bore. If you choose to have your barrel threaded by anyone else, this warranty is void and the user will be responsible for costs incurred for repair or replacement of the moderator. A moderator should be tightly screwed on to the rifle and periodically checked to ensure it hasn’t come loose during use.
  • Use of Ultralight moderators on rifles with high intensity cartridges or for high volumes of fire will result in premature wear. The Ultralight moderators are recommended for general hunting type use only. Please don’t be surprised if the baffles begin to show signs of wear, this happens with all alloy suppressors. Replacement baffle units are, however, available at minimal cost.
  • Neglect through lack of maintenance.  Please ensure you care for your moderator as advised in the maintenance section of this website.

Now, having stated all that, let’s get down to basics.

Whether it’s our fault, your fault, or nobody’s fault, if something has failed and you’re not happy we want to know about it 1st hand. Help us to help you. Satisfied customers are what we aim for. Please refrain from turning to internet forums as your first port of call.

Concentricity of the muzzle thread is of paramount importance.  Please ensure threading is carried out by a qualified machinist using the appropriate equipment. Poor threading will cause misalignment leading to bullets striking baffles and damaging the moderator. Likewise, if the moderator is not screwed onto the rifle tight enough, or allowed to come loose during firing, problems will occur. Please also ensure that the bore of the moderator is large enough to accept your calibre BEFORE firing the rifle.

Also, please use the moderator for the job it was intended. An Ultralight alloy moderator on a rifle that is of a high intensity calibre, or used at the range to fire off a number of shot strings in relatively quick succession (this is not considered ‘normal’ use), will burn the baffles faster. Sound moderators are like car exhausts, they eventually wear out. Please be aware of that.

If a moderator starts to corrode then it is almost certainly due to improper or lack of maintenance. Please ensure correct maintenance.

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