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The Roedale Delta Series of sound moderators are based on a design developed during Pete Lincoln’s military career. In 2009 this design became part of a scientific diploma study carried out for Roedale Precision by the University of Applied Science in Osnabrück, Germany. Professor Dr. Schmidt and his research team worked in close cooperation with the Roedale design team and combination of scientific knowledge along with practical sporting and military experience proved to be a huge success. The Delta Series have been tested in theory, in the laboratory and in the field. They have been evaluated, further developed and optimised.

Further development of the Delta Series has been continued since 2009 and at the beginning of 2014 additional models of sound moderator were added to the production line. The whole series was upgraded with performance enhancing features to ensure our products continue to be at the cutting edge of sound suppression technology.

Roedale Delta sound moderators are modular in design (with the exception of the Xtrem). This enables each end user to tailor the basic model to their requirements, to the rifle/calibre combination and the individual circumstances.

Roedale Delta sound moderators are available in several models ranging in weight from 175g to 535g. All models are caliber specific and compatible with calibers from .222 to .458Lott. We also have specific weapon type models and offer special one-off manufacture on request.

The majority of parts are CNC machined from solid billets of the same top grade, high strength aluminium alloy as used in the aerospace and defence industries. On certain models, however, some parts are made from stainless and ordnance grade steel. In these cases manufacture  CNC machining is complimented by EDM (electrical discharge machining).

Surface Treatment:
The surfaces of aluminium parts are hardened before being coated with a ‘hard coat’ anodising finish to Mil-Spec type III. This coating gives the following functional qualities to our aluminium components.

Wear resistance and hardness: The high wear resistance is based on the hardness and morphology of the aluminium oxide coating. The attainable hardness of the layer lies between 400 and 500 HV0,025.

Temperature resistance: Hard coat layers withstand brief temperature peaks to 2,200 K.

Impact resistance: The impact resistance complies with ISO 2376 and amounts to 50 µm: 1213V.

This coating process allows such materials to be used very effectively in many technical roles, e.g. defence, aerospace and, of course, the manufacture of sound moderators.

The aim of this coating procedure is function not beauty. Minor colour differences on the surface may occur between batches.

Safety Features:
The Roedale Delta Series sound moderators have important, built in, safety features that are often lacking in those offered by other manufacturers.

Calibre and thread recognition: When assembled it is very easy to recognise the calibre and thread specifications of a Roedale moderator. The thread type is engraved on the rear end of the unit. e.g. 15×1.  The maximum usable calibre, in the form of projectile diameter, is engraved on the end cap at the front, e.g. 7.62mm. This helps prevent fitting of a sound moderator to the wrong rifle or being used with the wrong calibre. Baffles have a machined in caliber recognition system. This is simple to recognise and very important because baffles are also sold singularly as accessories. Due to these recognition features we can ensure mistakes are not made. This is very important for us and, of course, very important for our customers.

Robustness: The choice of highest quality materials combined with high tech coating and hardening processes ensure the robustness and hard wearing qualities of the Delta Series. Our moderators have twice the connecting thread length and 20% more wall thickness than similar moderators from other manufacturers.

Built in Safety: Each Delta Series moderator has a built in shear point.  In the case of a catastrophic bullet strike, this shear point will ensure that any debris is projected forwards and not back towards the shooter. We have tested this safety feature extensively by firing .308win through .22cal moderators and 9.3×62 through .30cal moderators.

Value for Money:
Innovation, extensive testing, and feature rich design combined with our choice of materials and hard coatings ensure top performance, putting the Roedale Delta Series among the highest class of moderators in production today. With the purchase of a Roedale Delta sound moderator you receive a product of the highest quality “Made in Germany” with World renowned German precision. This quality has its price, and there are certainly cheaper sound moderators available. We are convinced that our moderators offer the best value for money and we are sure our customers will agree.





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