• We can tune your factory rifle.
  • We can build a custom rifle on your rifle action.
  • We can build you a rifle on an action delivered by us.
  • We can build you a Semi-Custom or Full-Custom rifle to suit your budget and exceed your requirements.

Our quality is very high, our delivery times for Custom Rifles vary between 4 weeks and 5 years. You should consider the following before placing an order:

The key to our highly accurate and dependable one of a kind rifles is the combination between art, highly accurate engineering and the experience as an end user and as a manufacturer. This includes:

  • Highest quality materials
  • Tight, constant manufacturing tolerances.
  • Ergonomics
  • Attention to detail
  • Patience

You will not recieve the above from a mass produced product in its standard form. To achive ultimate accuracy and performance the know how of an experienced Riflesmith is required.

A Riflesmith should always have 3 qualities:

  • Talented
  • Reasonably priced
  • Quick turnaround times

But dear customer, please rememer, you will only ever be able to choose a maximum of 2 of these qualities.

Talented and reasonably priced we are….

We expect the following from our customers:

  • Friendliness
  • Patience

If you think that the relationship between us can bear fruit, then my team and I would be delighted to hear from you !

Service Price List

Semi Custom Build:

The minimum requirement to turn a factory rifle into a Semi Custom Rifle. With these steps taken your factory rifle with be transformed into a precision tool.

You supply the donor action:
e.g. Howa 1500, Remington 700, Sako( 75/85) or Tikka T3 ( other actions catered for on request)
Re-machining of all important bearing areas to optimised sizes and with minimal tollerance:

  • Action locking lugs
  • Bolt face
  • Bolt locking lugs
  • Action thread
  • Action face

Clean – Hone – Polish -Tune

New custom made stainless, select match grade barrel
hand lapped. Lengths up to 26“

  • Ream chamber (Standard calibers)
  • Thread barrel for action
  • Fit barrel
  • Proof
  • Polished Finish

Your stock: Professonal bedding with alloy-pillars und Devcon

Action coated with Ceracoat

Complete price for a Semi-Custom build on your action 1375,- €
Remington 700 requires a custom recoil lug 35,- €
Barrel longer than 26“ up to 28“ pro 1“ (longer than 28″ please ask) 25,- €
Muzzle thread 95,- €

Other action types: On request e.g. Mauser 98, Sako 75, Sako 85,Tikka595 etc


Other Tuning – Rifle Work


True rifle action / Bolt 225,- €
Fit a Roedale-tactical-SSG-bolt knob (incl. knob) 60,- €
Kammerstengel Modifikation bei Remington 700 15,- €
turn out boltb face for larger case (with certain actions additional steps are required to go a step up in case size, these modifications will be charged at the hourly rate) 75,- €
Custom Made Bolt for Remington 700 incl. fitting (in exchange for your bolt – proof of rifle not included) 230,- €


Remington 700, Savage, Winchester, etc trigger pull. <1000g 75,- €
Howa, Sako or Tikka- match tuning  < 500g 75,- €


New Lothar Walther Custom Made Stainless, Select Match Grade Barrel – hand lapped. Up to 26“ length. fit, Beschuss und poliertes Finish 850,- €
Fluting – straight (3, 6 or 9) 200,- €
Fluting – Helical 295,- €
Muzzle thread on a custom barrel, supplied by Roedale 95,- €
Muzzle thread on a factory rifle from 125,- €
Barrel shortening. (during threading process) 30,- €
Fit sights – charged at hourly rate depending on time required
Re-crown muzzle (Match / Round / 11° / 90°) 25,- €
Shorten barrel (incl. re-crown) from 75,- €
Proof (CIP Calibers) 100,- €

Finish & Coating:

Bead-blast ( Satin Stainless) 30,- €
Sand-blast (Matt Stainless) 30,- €
Cerakote action or barrel (1-colour) 100,- €
Barrel & action 175,- €
2 colours +25%
3 colours +50%

PVD coating:

Bolt 85,- €
Action (incl. bolt, boltb stop, bolt shroud from 285,- €
Barrel ab 225,- €
Barrel and action 595,- €


Bedding with alloy pillars and Devcon 160,- €
Full Skim bedding on stocks with alloy block 115,- €
2-Point skim bedding on stocks with alloy block 80,- €
Machine magazine well for alternative magazine system from 55,- €

Scope Mounting:

Mount scope, fit scope rings to scope, bases to rifle 30,- €
Enlarge screw holes – re-tap ab 30,- €

Test & Inspection:

Test: Safety and condition etc 75,- €
Test: Safety, condition and accuracy (with customer supplied ammunition) 150,- €
Test:  Accuracy and POI with / without sound moderator including report or results with dB readings 150,- €
Test Zero (customer supplied ammunition) 70,- €
Chronograph MV and create a laminated ballistic table in addition to Zeroing 50,- €

Test & Inspection:


Chemical Barrel Cleaning 25,- €
Strip – Clean – Re Assemble of Bolt Action Rifle 150,- €
Firearm Storage ( Per Gun/Week, incl. periodical cleaning) 10,- €

Please Note:  All Firearms, Ancciliaries and other customer property should be clearly labeled and identifiable as belonging to the customer. All firearms must be sent to us in a suitable for purpose type of packaging, preferable a hard case. Clear instructions of work required and contact details should be enclosed.

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